Saturday, December 03, 2005

It's Up To Arnold

Stanley 'Tookie' Williams made a phone call recently to address a gathering of people who were rallying on his behalf. He said that he had made an impact on the world and whether or not he was executed, he would be remembered.

Tookie, your last hope is now in the hands of a man who's nickname is 'The Terminator'.

It doesn't look good for you.

Oh, and, you are a flash in the pan. You are having your 15 minutes of fame. You have not contributed to the world in any positive way. When you are gone, no one will remember you.


Liberal Traitor said...

Wow, such a happy and joyously festive post for a christmas blog! What's next? Are we going to roast some witches on the Yule Log?

Beth said...

Liberal Traitor,

You think this is a little harsh?

I don't have any particular personal interest in Tookie or his case. I just heard a news story about it and wondered why and how he had become a cause celeb.

So I read up on it a little.

There have been several executions around the country in the last few weeks. No one has particularly cared about those. But not so with Tookie.

What's the message here? If you start a bloody infamous street gang. Live a violent, hate-filled, wasted life, and on top of that, brutally murder a family and a store clerk just for the fun of it, laugh and make fun of their death throes, you get to be famous and held up as a role model.

My sympathies are with his victims and their families, not with Tookie. What was done to them was much harsher than my little words on this little blog.

I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

I hadn't thought of roasting any witches. Are you throwing a party?

Merry Christmas...

web_loafer said...

Merry Christmas liberal traitor, It is possible to live in a world and be happy, and at the same time notice sad things, even comment on them.

I am 100% pro-life, so I have to stay true to my belief, even when it is a scumbag like we are talking about.

Does he deserve to die? Yes!
By the hand of the State? No!

Yet he should be forced to work and work hard for the food he eats...I'm talking about pounding rocks all day for a bowl of soup and some stale bread.
I can see Beths point of view, and up until the Terri Schiavo starving, I believed in capital punishment.
Terri was executed by the state, and I realized, the state has no business deciding life or death for anyone, even the vilest of scum.

There will be plenty of punishment for this killer. Unless he makes it right with his creator, really right, not a half baked attempt for sympathy, he will be nothing more than one of the billions of souls who rejected God's Grace. Let him live his days out in pain, hard work and plain food, but never let him return to the life outside.

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